Quickly convert PDF to any other format

Gemini quickly converts any size of PDF document into other formats enabling you to reuse the contents in other ways. Whether you wish to post a user manual on the internet, an article from a newspaper, reformat a financial report or rework an entire book, Gemini saves you time and effort.


  • Convert PDF to ASCII, Open eBook, HTML, Palm Doc, RTF (for MS Word)
  • Convert tables into text, HTML, RTF, and SYLK (for Spreadsheets)
  • Reflow and de-hyphenation of text
  • Advanced character re-mapping for "problem" documents
  • Export images as JPEG, TIFF (multi-page), PNG, BMP, EPS with scaling
  • Retain clip paths and OPI names with Photoshop compatible EPS
  • Render PDF at a variety of resolutions and colour depths
  • Customize HTML - headers, footers, frames, colour & navigation links
  • Retain page layout in ASCII, HTML and RTF
  • Full support for double-byte characters and Unicode output
  • Preserve reading order in and across pages using Article Threads
  • Preserve hyper-text links in HTML, eBook and RTF
  • Batch conversion
  • Automatic recognition of tables created in tagged PDFs
  • Conversion of Hebrew documents into logical & visual HTML
  • Full Page Layout



Gemini 5.5